Toof Cleaning 101- The 90 Day Question?

December 04, 2020 2 min read

The American Dental Association, Dentists and just about everyone else says you should change your toothbrush every 90 days or when it gets frayed. That's good advice but like the "brush for 2 minutes advice" it doesn't work the same for everyone.

Let's apply this to a car. Will a car have the same life if it's driven through the hills of San Francisco by a 19 year old as a car that's driven to church by a 70 year old driver in Des Moines? Probably not. Toothbrushes are like cars - everyone uses them differently.

Some people brush really hard (which isn't good) and have sharp teeth that will spread out the bristles on a normal brush in a matter of weeks. Other people brush softly and have smooth rounded teeth and their brush will last much longer. But the important part is using the right brush. Our Toofbrushes are designed with two layers and up to 4,000 feathered bristles to get between the teeth and gums for through cleaning while brushing softly.   Let the bristles do the work and see how fresh your mouth feels and how white your teeth look. Doing this twice a day is recommended.

Now the very vague "frayed" part. How spread out should your bristles be before it's time to change your brush? This is a big problem because I've had a very expensive "floss brush" spread out in a few days and stay that way and other brushes totally flayed out in less than a month. This is a problem Toof solves brilliantly.

Our brushes come with a protective hygienic cover that keeps your bristles in shape and prevents them from flaying out. Just  tap your brush on the edge of the sink 3 times to get all the water out,  (especially in humid areas)  place it in the cover and hang it on the mirror with the suction cup holder and it will be dry and ready for your next use. With dental work costing thousands of dollars for a crown, root canal or implants is a toothbrush the place you want to skimp? Love your teeth and replace your brush sooner than later and most important use the right brush - Toof - the Best Brush You've Ever Used - Guaranteed.


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