Toof was built around the innovative Toof Brush design co-developed by Lisa Hudson RDH. Toof On Time is a subscription program where we provide customers with everyday oral care supplies on a schedule of what they need, when they need it.

Toof is a seriously fun brand of oral care products. We offer one-time purchase and subscription sales. We offer better products, at better prices, make them easier to buy and your purchase helps to promote better oral health in our communities through our Toofer Program.

Toof Inc. is a California Corporation and a Woman-Owned, Native American Business.

Toof has an exclusive, long-term, strategic partnership with a South Korean factory for product development, design, prototyping and manufacturing. This symbiotic relationship keeps Toof on the leading edge of oral care innovation.   

Toof was born from a single idea. How can we affect the health of the largest amount of people in the simplest way? Our goal became clear almost immediately: Give away 1,000,000 toothbrushes to those who need them the most. With that basic idea, we combined years of dental hygiene, product development and marketing experience to meet this challenge. Orders are placed at and we take care of everything from packing to shipping to tracking orders.

Toof believes giving back is a responsibility of every company. And as a social enterprise, our success is not strictly measured in profits. Our success is measured by the positive health impact we make on the largest number of people. 

Toof Tips is the online home for our blogs: Toof Town and Toof Cleaning 101.

Toof Care

Toof believes that no one should be without something as simple and important as a toothbrush and that proper oral care prevents other more serious diseases and illnesses.

Toof also believes that all of us need to find simple, everyday ways to directly help our communities.

When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and clean, your toothbrush is your most trusted tool. However, grabbing any old brush just won’t do. Toof Brushes are designed to get your pearly whites clean without damaging your gums and enamel.

Over 50% more bristles than a standard toothbrush.

Special PBT polyester bristles are softer and more durable.

Dual-layer, ultrafine bristles softly clean between teeth.

An 8-degree curved head radically improves tooth to brush contact.

Our ergonomic design hugs the curves of your mouth, massages your gums, flosses between teeth and leaves you with a brighter, healthier smile.

Like people, no two mouths are the same, so Toof comes in (3) sizes to fit every mouth and mood:

Full SizeOur most popular size fits most adult mouths.

Mid SizeThe perfect size for smaller mouths and those with braces.

My First Toof: Our starter size for children ages 2 years and up.     

Proper oral care is crucial to overall health and we want to help people find the resources they need. Affordable dental care is a big problem and our blog Toof Town is the home for everything from proper brushing, oral hygiene and guidance for more serious problems.

The ADA and Toof recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes 2 times per day.

We also recommend brushing the surface of your tongue and flossing daily. Watch me

Dentists and Toof recommend replacing your toothbrush a minimum of every three months. In many cases, you’ll want to change it sooner - for instance, if you’ve been sick or the bristles show signs of wear like fraying or discoloration, it’s time to make the switch. Children may need to change brushes more frequently, as they tend to brush more vigorously than adults.


Toofer is the name of our toothbrush donation program. No one should be without something as basic as a toothbrush, so we donate a Free Toof Brush to charity for every brush you buy.

Toof makes sure that our donations get to those most in need by recruiting Toof Fairies who work on the front lines of poverty and poor oral care. They distribute our Free Toof Brushes and ensure they get into the hands, and mouths, of the people who need them the most. Our goal is to shine a light on the great work these organizations do.

Toof works directly with shelters, veteran’s organizations, family agencies and service clubs in the USA to put Toof Brushes into the hands of the women, men, girls and boys who so desperately need them. 

Toof Products

Yes. Toof carries a full line of oral care products that keep your teeth and gums healthy without a trip to the dentist.  All of these items are available at

Toof Squeeze slides onto any toothpaste tube to keep it neat and tidy.

It saves paste, avoids waste and gets every last drop to save you money.

Toof Floss is an important part of your daily habits to prevent tooth decay and plaque build-up.    

Our waxed, minty, nylon floss comes in a unique, easy to use iFloss dispenser.

Toof Picks are a key to proper oral hygiene and critical to healthier teeth and gums.

Our exclusive design has a toothpick on one end and an interdental brush on the other.

Yes. Toof is currently working on a toothpaste, mouth wash and tooth whitener.

All of these items are in development with availability in the Fall of 2022.

A toothbrush cover is essential for a number of reasons. First, it keeps your brush’s bristles from making contact with other brushes or surfaces when not in use. It’s especially useful when traveling, as you’re likely to toss your toothbrush in a bag with a variety of other items.

Every Toof Brush comes with a hygienic protective cover. The unique design keeps your bristles in shape and protects your brush from germs and viruses at home and while traveling. We include a suction cup hanger that attaches to mirrors, tile, glass or any smooth surface to keep it in sight and out of harm’s way. You will never have to worry about setting your toothbrush down in a hotel bathroom ever again! 

Shipping & Returns

Toof ships most orders the same day they are received.

We do our best to make sure all orders are shipped promptly.

Toof offers free shipping on orders shipped within the USA.

This offer cannot be extended to countries outside the USA.

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