Is Your Toothbrush Really Soft?

January 04, 2021 2 min read

The ADA, all dentists and dental hygienists are recommending patients use a “soft” bristle brush when brushing their teeth to prevent GR, or Gingival Recession or “TheShrinking Gums Disease”.I made that last name up but that’s kind of what it is and it exposes the roots of your teeth and makes them more sensitive to heat, cold and disease. Too many people have been brushing too hard with hard bristle brushes and have damaged their gums. But what exactly is a soft brush?

Many brushes offered by the big manufacturers are labeled as “soft” but don’t feel soft and may have a bunch of bristles going in different directions and rubber inserts in a ton of different colors. These are all marketing gimmicks and have no effect on getting your teeth clean. If they don’t look soft and feel soft they aren’t soft and can damage your gums, especially as they wear out and you brush harder.

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about what really makes a soft bristle brush effective. It’s simple: the number of bristles (more is better) and what they’re made of (polyester = new - nylon = old).  Quip has been selling a new very good looking battery powered brush they call “revolutionary” (they’re doing very well at $25 to $40) but it has  only 1200 old fashioned nylon bristles.  Compare this to a Toof Brush that has  4,000 polyester bristles  and you’d have to shove 3 of their brushes in your mouth to do the same job. Yes, theirs is battery powered but if you can move your arm up and down do you really need batteries?

Not only does Toof have  3 times  the number of bristles, it has 2 layers; one layer of long, soft, feathered bristles (doesn’t that sound nice) and another layer of shorter, firmer, rounded bristles to get your teeth shining white. And they’re made of polyester which cleans better, lasts longer and it comes with a cool sanitary cover that keeps germs away and the bristles in shape  and  a suction cup hanger to keep it out of that toxic cup on your counter. What more could you ask for? Except maybe to give one to people in need for every two we sell (we do that). So take those 3 brushes out of your mouth and replace it with a Toof (starting at 5 bucks) and see what “soft” really feels like.   

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