The 2 Minute Recommendation

September 04, 2021 2 min read

The American Dental Association, toothbrush manufacturers, dentists, periodontists and online pundits all  say you need to brush your teeth for 2 minutes. There are even toothbrushes for sale that beep when you’ve reached the 2 minute limit. Two minutes are firmly recommended but is 2 minutes right for you?

If you apply this to a kitchen floor rather than your teeth you get a different perspective. Say you’re scrubbing your kitchen floor with a small brush with worn out bristles. Is it going to take the same amount of time and get your floor as clean as someone using a bigger brush with better bristles? No, of course not. In fact the worn out brush may not even be cleaning your floor it may just be spreading germs around without really getting to the deep down dirt. It’s the same with your teeth.

With all due respect to the experts who recommend 2 minutes, we at Toof believe it’s  what  you use to clean your teeth that’s as important as  how long  you do it. If you’re using an old splayed out nylon brush you can brush all day and you’re not getting to the bacteria between the teeth and gums - it can’t reach in there. If you use a proper brush in good condition and brush for two minutes you are actually getting your teeth clean.

Toof brushes have two layers ofpolyester (not old fashioned nylon) bristles; a fine layer of soft feathered bristles to reach deep into the spaces between your teeth and gums and a firmer layer for removing plaque and really getting your mouth clean. You will feel the difference. Oh, and our full size brush has over 4,000 bristles, more than twice the number of other brushes.

So try a Toof and get cleaner teeth, a brighter smile and put the time you spend brushing to good use, and don’t forget to floss. We not only think you’ll be using the Best Brush Ever - we guarantee it!

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