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Dennis Quaid, Please...Get a Toof Brush

by christopher mckay October 15, 2019 1 min read

Dear Dennis, Your Esurance commercials are really funny and you do have very white teeth and a great smile but we really want you to try a Toof Brush and keep those teeth in your mouth.

Seriously, too many people brush too hard with the wrong brush to try and get whiter teeth (like yours) and they end up removing enamel and damaging their gums. Toof brushes have 4,000 ultra soft feathered bristles to get your teeth really clean and nice and white while protecting your gums.  

People that try this new design in toothbrushes say “It’s the best brush I’ve ever used” and we back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So what do you have to lose? Go and take good care of those pearly whites.

Your Friends at Toof

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